“YOU CREATE YOUR OWN DESTINY” - Frederick Alphonso.

     Frederick Alphonso has been involved with performing arts his entire life; he came to find his love for the arts at the young age of seven, singing in his local church choir. Hailing from a diverse and cultured family Frederick was only destined for greatness.

    Dancing became a part of Frederick's life at the age of 12 receiving his training from the award-winning Larkin Dance Studio in Maplewood, MN. As Frederick begin closing the chapters of his teen years he graduated from North St. Paul High School where he received numerous awards for vocal performance, stage performance, and instrumental music. Frederick then journeyed back to his birth city Chicago, IL to enroll as a Dance Education major at Columbia College Chicago where he continued his training not only in Dance Education but also Graphic Design. 

   Frederick continues to move to new heights in the performing arts as a creative director, writer, performer and producer. Frederick has performed with; Janet Jackson, R.Kelly, Destiny’s Child, and Justin Timberlake just to name a few. Frederick has also been a part of Twenty-Five Broadway productions Regionally, and three National  Tours including; The Monologues of my Nappy Hair, The Color Purple, and The Wiz. Frederick also holds an eight-year Teaching Artist Residency with Chicago Public Schools. Currently Frederick resides in Chicago, IL and is the Chicago Branch Leader of Bring it Black, a national non-profit organization that honors the past and cultivates the future of African-American Artist. Frederick currently sits on the board of directors for; The West Indian Folk Dance Company of Chicago, IL, The Rolle Project of Las Vegas Nevada, and Tru C. Entertainment of New York, New York. Frederick is so blessed to have traveled the world using the gift of performance as a change agent especially in these turbulent times of our world.Frederick is the 2018 recipient of the Best Black Playwright award for his work in Hashtag Who's next The musical.  Frederick is so blessed to be able to be living his dreams and is a firm believer that with God the impossible is POSSIBLE, and that’s how you create your own destiny. 




HEIGHT: 5'11      AGE: 33

LOCATION: Chicago, IL 



R. Kelly Trapped In The Closet  Chapters 17/19  

Chicago Fire  Season 1 EP 22   NBC/ Universal 

Chicagolicious  Season 2 EP 6 Bravo TV




And in this corner Cassius Clay      Rudy             Childsplay Inc.                   Michael Jerome Johnson

The Wiz                                               Tin Man       Black Theatre Troupe                    David J. Hemphill

#Who’s Next The Musical                Ensemble    YCYOD Entertainment               Frederick Alphonso

How to succeed In Business….       Ensemble    Don Bluth Front Row                           Cheryl Schaar

Un2Us A Christmas Musical            Joseph         Synergy Productions                            Sernia Young

Boys Don’t Dance                             Dancer         Testing 1-2                                                 Kirby Reed

The Monologues of My Hair           Ensemble     Anita Davis Productions                      Lanita Joseph

Ragtime                                              Ensemble    Columbia College Chicago              Sheldon Pickton

West Side Story                                 Bernardo     Heritage Theater Co.                               Lisa Larkins



2018- 2018                 Voice                                          Brenda Hankins

2015-2016                   Dance                                         Chicago Ballet Center 

2014- 2015                  Dance                                         Mark Morris Dance Company

2014- 2015                  Dance                                         Broadway Dance Center NYC

2013- 2014                  Voice                                           Vickki Johnson

2010- 2013                  Dance                                         Joel Hall Dance Center

2004-2008                   Dance Theater & Voice            Columbia College Chicago

1999-2004                   Dance                                         Larkin Dance Studio

1999-2004                   Voice                                            Peg Sorensen 

1998-1997                   Ballet                                          MN School of Ballet



Drivers License, Sight Reading, Choreographer, Music Arranger, Graphic Designer, Videographer,

Web Designer, Double Jointed, Teaching Artist, CPR Training. Computer & Social Media Guru. 




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