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FREeDom at 32

So for my 32nd birthday I decided i would go with the theme of freedom, i honestly feel truly centered and Free. here are some of the pictures i used on my social media outlets to tell the story of why i'm so free at 32 years old.

F R E E D O M: Oh say can you see, or is the dawns early light to bright? Oh say can you see, that you can't stop this black boys joy. Oh say can you see, that I'm FREE to be me. In a world so full of hate, I have no choice but to push pass your planed expiration date. Oh say can you see I choose to be FREE because the LIGHT resides in me.

Movement...........the language spoken in my space of FREEDOM

LOOK WHAT GOD HAS DONE 🙌🏾 ______________________________________ The story of FREeDom continues until the next chapter. Thank you all for following my story of Freedom 32 I'm embracing you, and so far you feel amazing. Thank you for all the love today social media family. I empower you to embrace your FREeDOM.

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