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TO be clear if you think what I do isn’t a “REAL JOB” just because I don’t punch a time clock like you do...... Don’t Ask Me To Loan You Money.... ask someone with a “REAL JOB” 💁🏾‍♂️ Don’t disrespect an artist just because you don’t understand our work and how it works. It’s rude and very distasteful to career shame someone, That what they do in the arts field isn’t a “REAL JOB.” If dancing , singing, acting, street performing, graphic designing is paying my bills and allowing me to live the life I please, As well as blessing me enough to bless others..... ISSA REAL JOB FOR ME 

As the creative “FREIND” We usually are the counselors of the group, the good listeners, the “hey let me bounce some ideas off you” guy/gal. However we’re often criticized when we can’t make the birthday party, can’t make the turn up, can’t drop everything and go hang out at the mall.... etc.... To my non creative folk give us the space to create. We’re not always mentally well. Do me a favor and check-in on me call me, (not for your sake) but to just say hi, to see if I’m okay. Creatives also need the time to BRETHE, to sit back and be alone. Please don’t take it personal, my thoughts move 100 times faster than a normal persons why because I’m creating and trying to process the thoughts I’ve been given. I’ve tapped into everything inside of me to create my own destiny. I’m grateful for my art and it won’t be RAPED or DISRESPECTED 

Don’t silence me because you don’t understand my Passion. Let’s be clear I’ve worked as a creative even when I wasn’t being paid and still survived! The result of hard work and dedication got me to the place where I am NOW! A full time working creative that’s sought after frequently! It’s not a HOBBY! -T H I S I S R E A L L I F E -

Donald Lawrence once said in a lyric “The gift looks good on you and you wear it well.” There are so many people that whole heartedly want to be where you are as a creative, However they just won’t admit it. Instead they .... Poke fun at you and think it’s a gag. Criticize your decision making. Assume all the wrong things about your career. When in fact they wish to be just like you.... Rather than asking how it’s done, They try to do it on their own with no help from a professional creative and end up with an insolvent mimeograph. My gift fits me, and I’ve learned over time how to wear it WELL. This creative gift was tailor made to fit me........When you try on clothes in the dressing room you usually put them back when they DON’T FIT!  

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