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Hashtag Who's Next The Musical

Where do I start ........ first thing go follow @whosnextmusical on all social media outlets.

When GOD gives you an idea don't sit on it! Put it into action! 2 years ago I began a journey to find peace and healing from the police brutality in our country. I called up 7 of my friends who write and connect to art like no other, and we wrote pieces that were near and dear to our hearts. We put them together to form this body of work we now call Hashtag Who's Next The Musical. We had a great body of work my next phase was to get lyrics and original music set to theses scenes after 3 months of hard work Ronald Harrell and Derrick George put 17 fully orchestrated songs together. Fast forward to 2017 we got word that @whosnextmusical would be a contender in the New York Theater Festivals Winter Fest February 2017. I called up my good friend Avionce Hoyles and he helped me put together a New York Cast. I called my dance twin Clif to help work on some choreo fro the show and he ended up being our guardian New York angel, every pep talk to the cast, every word of encouragement, every thing Thank you to the both of you yal went far beyond your reach and did what was asked of you and more.

We performed to a standing room only audience Feb 11, 2017. Little did I know our work wouldn't stop there. I was determined to keep this work fresh because it's literally what our country is facing right now. After 2 failed attempts at trying to do a Chicago staged reading, I was for sure at a dead end but I didn't want this work to expire, because this message needs to be heard! I was at home scrolling on Facebook and I saw a post from Collaboraction Theater about the #Peacebook Festival a theater festival that would spread peace in the city of Chicago! I just knew we had to be apart of this festival because our body of work represents none other than simply spreading peace in the times of trouble and hate! After submitting our production we received news that we would be apart of this festival. Here we are today in our final tech rehearsal before we launch this marathon of peace throughout the city of Chicago we are standing up to hate, bigotry, sexism, substance abuse, domestic abuse and racism. MY HEART IS IN THIS SHOW 100% because it's my story growing up and may of your stories!

I'm certain the Goodman theater is not our last stop! This story must be told all through the nation! My heart is beyond grateful to see my dreams come to life. Today to watch and listen to things my colleagues and I wrote 2 years ago and to hear music and lyrics set to lights, props, scenic design, and costuming. My heart is so over joyed! To the Collaboraction Theater company thank you for choosing us to be a change agent this year to spread peace. To my writing team Tommy, Monique, Supah, Moses, Galen, Rhonda, Jeff, thank you for taking this journey with me and having faith in me to push this message forward, our many nights of phone calls and video conferences has payed off Monique!. Ronald and Derrick thank you! You both have brought this thing together, what is life without lyrics or melodies. Shout out to the New York Cast, you all were the first to present this body of work, thank you for being the blue print of this amazing work, your 5 hour rehearsal days in a tiny studio on 32nd street will never be forgotten. To this Chicago Cast the bar raises even higher. Thank you for your faithfulness and for your strong spirits and learning to adapt so quickly ABC& studios has forever been changed. God is truly amazing stay focused and keep the faith ✊🏾Who's Next


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