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Chicago Meets The WIZ

As my contract in Phoenix is coming to an end! It’s really been a journey. I’m always grateful for every blessing that comes my way. At yesterday’s matinee performance of THE WIZ this crew came by to show me some love!!! Not only am I playing the TIN MAN in the Wiz, I’m also directing & choreographing the longest running broadway musical “CHICAGO” at Limelight Youth Theater!

For those of you that know me personally you all know what this picture means to me. For the rest of you I’ll share ...... me as an artist I’m always one that reaches back to teach the youth, and my first love is youth and young adults. It did my heart well, to see these sweet babies in the audience!!!!! For those that are struggling with following your DREAMS listen to me. JUMP and defy gravity Never ever let anyone hold you down!

CHICAGO The Musical opens October 26 at Limelight Performing Arts


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