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Learning to Let Go

The Good Book says "Better is the end of a thing then the beginning." The art of letting go is about letting go, not a thought of leaving things behind but a change in direction, a new height if you will. When I think of letting go I think of release. Releasing toxic energy, releasing a heavy force, realsing the flesh, but a release usually turns into a celebration, because it's a stepping stone that you have hopped over. 

Letting go gives you a chance to reflect where you've been and can also teach you a lesson about where not to go again. when you let go you also get the chance to be free! 

The feeling of freedom after letting go allows you to open your wings and soar, take every thought and just live for you. Sometimes we suffer for the sake of holding on to; toxic situations, self inflicted situations, and holing on to the things that mean us no good. Let it go. 

I've recently let go of somethings, some people, some real life toxic and self inflicted situations. Everything wasn't good or bad. Just needed to let it go. I'm able to breathe freely, and most importantly I'm able to soar even higher. I don't look at letting go as bad or good. I see letting go as a prelude to the next chapter in your book of life.

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